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About Kasauli

Places of interest in & around Kasauli

Kasauli is the calmest, Quaint tiny Hill Station in India and still remains untouched by maddening development, specially the Cantonment town. During some off-peak months you may not find a single soul on Upper and Lower Malls in Kasauli or 2-3 people walking in Kasauli Heritage Market.

In Kasauli, The Pasteur Institute, Now CRI was founded by Sir David Semple in 1900, is the oldest institute in India, producing anti-rabies vaccines.

Ruskin Bond, Popular children’s literature Anglo-Indian author was born in Kasauli. Andy Mulligan, the Irish rugby international was born in Kasauli in 1936. The legend and famous author uncle Khushwant Singh (Late) owns a house ‘Raj Villa’ in Kasauli’s Upper Mall, Rahul Singh his son visits Kasauli 3-4 times and loves to plays tennis in Kasauli Club. Rahul Bose also the Famous Bollywood actor and Hollywood director, occasionally visits his house in Kasauli. While in Town both Rahuls also love to visit Kasauli Regency’s Hangout. Environmentalists like late Baljit Malik, nephew of Khushwant Singh have given respite to Kasauli from becoming a concrete jungle, like other hill stations in India.

Legend about Kasauli : Lord Hanuman after taking Sanjeevani herb from Himalaya’s put his left foot on a small hillock now called monkey point and houses the famous Hanuman temple.

While most of the British left India at independence selling their heritage Bungalows to few lucky Indians, a few chose to remain in Kasauli, among them in Kasauli was a couple, Major Robert and Mary Hotz owned a hotel, now sold, had a very pretty daughter, Sandra. In the early 1960s, British film director, Sir David Lean (his famous movies: Bridge on the River Kwai, Dr Zhivago & Lawrence of Arabia) was being filmed in Kasauli when he ran into Sandra, which was not a difficult thing to do in Kasauli, being such a small place. Though she was barely out of her teens and he two decades her senior, fell in love and got married. Surely the charms of Kasauli had something to do with it.

The most happening place in Kasauli inday still remains the junction of Upper and Lower Malls, now called Pine Mall, a tibetian market selling Casual cloths shoes and Souvenirs to tourists. Kasauli cantonment also has a Prestigious club called the Kasauli club which was established by the British in 1880 and is run by a committee consisting of Army and civilians.

Town’s prominent architecture, Christ Church (located near the bus station) 1.3 kms walk from Kasauli regency and an Educational institute,oldest coeducational boarding scholl in the world: The Lawrence School, Sanawar is 1.5 km from the Hotel Kasauli regency.

Other famous tourist spots in Kasauli are: Heritage Market, Sunset and Sunrise points, Lover’s lane, Gilbert’s Trail, British time Telephone Exchange and Post Office, Baptist Church, Tehsil Complex.

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