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Techno Music, Deep House Music , Himachal Pradesh

Techno Deep House Music in Hangout Roof Top Bar

Techno Music Evenings at Hangout Roof Top Bar

We play Techno Music on all Thursdays from 4 to 7 pm at Hangout Rooftop Bar.  Followed by Deep House Music and Jam sessions from 10.30 pm onwards. So join us for Techno Party at Hangout Rooftop Bar and Lounge. Djs Saksham Khanna,  Shantanu, Veda and Paras play some crazy Techno music and shift to Trance  later at Hangout.  Kasauli Regency houses the Most Happening Bar and Lounge in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Today is the 15th Successive Techno Music Evening . Techno Music in Himachal is trending fast, I have travelled 20 countries and been to many parties playing Techno/Deep House. DJ’s at Hangout are not a bit less than the European DJs. Believe me and join us today. I have been to a similar place in Amsterdam.

Check Out Videos of Techno Music at Hangout on Youtube.                               Arunesh Doing Fire Pois

We don’t take requests for Music or Songs

Global Music is always played at Hangout in Hotel Kasauli Regency So discouraging kind of regular music played in marriage parties. Because of Music, Hangout has been famous among foreign Tourists. Travelers from 15 Countries around the world have volunteered here at Hangout. We had the best New Year’s Party 2021 at Hangout last Thursday and not even a single Hindi or Punjabi song was played. Wow ! that was the best New Year’s Party ever in my Life in Himachal. All other hotels in Kasauli stick to regular Punjabi music played on the New Years Eve. 

Poster of Techno Music in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Poster of Techno Music in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

Deep House Music in Kasauli Himachal pradesh is happening

Deep House Music in Kasauli Himachal pradesh is happening

Himachal Pradesh has Techno Bars

Himachal Pradesh has Techno Bars

Hangout Bar Himacahl Pradesh - Music Evening

Hangout Bar Himacahl Pradesh – Music Evening

Introduction to Techno – Deep House Music 

Dancing has been a very vivid art form of expressing one’s feelings and emotions since ancient times. But it is also one of the best methods of exercise. So you must agree that dancing joyfully helps keep an individual healthy, fit and young at heart.

The tempo or BPM (Beats Per Minute) of techno ranges between 122-130. The human heart beats at about 80-100 BPM normally, but increases up to the same range as the BPM of Techno music while dancing. So Just like the phenomenon of resonance, this is when the human heart and the music are in synchronization. This makes us feel ecstatic and improves our blood flow along with several other health benefits. So, if you really want to free your body, shake a leg and groove to uplifting techno beats; Hangout Rooftop Bar and Lounge is the place to be. Few hotels in Kasauli have licensed bars and none has this kind of music or live musical evenings or Open Mics.

Headphone or Silent Noise or Silent Disco Parties

Hangout used to organize Headphone Parties a European concept of listening to music late at Night. Kasauli Regency is the first Hotel in India to Organize Headphone or Silent Noise parties at Hangout. Because of the current Corona Pandemic, we have discontinued these Parties. We play 3 channels on Headphones: Western Music, Techno/Reggae, Indian Classical/ Trance. So, you can hook on to any channel by the press of a button and click some great Pictures.

Techno Music in Himachal Pradesh

So, Techno Music in Himachal is becoming famous in places like Old Manali, Parvati Valley, Dharamshala, Bhagsu and Kasauli, because of Foreign travellers visiting these towns in abundance. Hangout has best DJs to play non stop Techno Deep House for 5-6 hours, Its becoming famous in Kasauli, a town 1-2 hours drive from Tri-cities of Chandigarh.

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 **Enjoy Techno music every Thursday 4 p.m. onwards at Hangout.

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